Business Process Automation with Maximo Workflow (Simulation Module)

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Business Process Automation with Maximo Workflow (Simulation Module)

with David Boggs

Administrators, Consultants

Time to complete:
3.5 Hours

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New enrollments to the Maximo Asset Management courses are now available at the new IBM Watson IoT Academy.  Existing enrollments please see the course notice.

This course discusses the automation of business process within the asset management disciplines using Maximo.  The course discusses the creation and management of workflows to include each workflow node and supporting artifacts such as roles, actions, and escalations.  The module contains twelve simulations.  You must complete the first eleven simulations before the final simulation becomes available.  Completion of the simulation means passing the quiz given at the end of each simulation.  The course is delivered via interactive simulations where you have an opportunity to learn and potentially interact with the system while we lead you through the functionality.  At the end you can test your knowledge by completing the short quizzes.  These simulations may aid you in preparing for certification on the product.

Course Syllabus

  • Introduction to Workflow
  • Workflow Designer Overview
  • Roles in Workflow
  • Actions in Workflow
  • Overview of Workflow Administration
  • Using Interaction Node’s in workflow
  • Using Wait Node’s in workflow
  • Using Sub-Process nodes in workflow
  • Using Task nodes in workflow
  • Using Condition Nodes
  • Using Manual Input Nodes
  • Creating a workflow process to manage Service Request