Introduction to R

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Introduction to R

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Time to complete:
4 hours

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With over 2 million users worldwide R is rapidly becoming the leading programming language in statistics and data science. Every year, the number of R users grows by 40%, and an increasing number of organizations are using it in their day-to-day activities.

In this introduction to R, you will master the basics of this beautiful open source language, such as factors, lists and data frames. With the knowledge gained in this course, you will be ready to undertake your first very own data analysis.

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Course Syllabus

Chapter 1 - Intro to Basics

Chapter 2 - Vectors

Chapter 3 - Matrices

Chapter 4 - Factors

Chapter 5 - Data Frames

Chapter 6 - Lists

General Information

DataCamp is an online Data Science school that uses video lessons and coding challenges. To date, DataCamp trained over 127,000 people in data science who completed over 4.7 million exercises. DataCamp offers hands- on data science courses.

This course gives access to the Introduction to R course on DataCamp. By clicking on 'Start Chapter', a new tab will open that takes you directly to the first exercise of that chapter on DataCamp. When you complete exercises on DataCamp, your score is sent back to BDU for grading purposes.



Recommended skills prior to taking this course

  • Basic programming language knowledge
  • Basic statistics knowledge

Grading Scheme

This course does not have a test; however you need to complete all activities to pass this course.