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SQL Course

SQL Fundamentals

with Yashavanthi Renukaswamy, Wagner Crivelini, Liviu Perniu, Priyanka Harish, Raul F. Chong

Database Beginners

Time to complete:
5 hours

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About this SQL course

Most software written today relies on relational databases such as MySQL or DB2. Within this free SQL course, you'll learn the basics of the relational database model and the SQL language using DB2 Express-C, the free version of IBM DB2 database server. You will learn SQL and how to create, read, update and delete data from a database. This SQL tutorial is aimed at beginners, but it will give you enough information to get you started working with databases.

Audience: Database Beginners Time to complete: 5 hours Available in: English

Course Syllabus

  • Getting started
  • Relational database concepts
  • Working with database objects
  • Reading data
  • Inserting, updating, and deleting data
  • Working with multiple tables

General Information

  • This SQL course is free.
  • It is self-paced.
  • It can be taken at any time.
  • It can be taken as many times as you wish.
  • Labs can be performed using the free version of DB2, DB2 Express-C which can be installed on your Linux or Windows system. More details are provided in the course.
  • Students passing the course (by passing the final exam) will have immediate access to printing their online certificate of achievement. Your name in the certificate will appear exactly as entered in your profile in BigDataUniversity.com.
  • If you did not pass the course, you can take it again at any time.


  • None

Recommended skills prior to taking this course

  • Basic knowledge of operating systems (Windows or Linux)

Grading Scheme

  • The minimum passing mark for this SQL course is 60%, where the final test is worth 100% of the course mark.
  • You have 3 attempts to take the test.