Week 8 – Data Science Bootcamp – A summer of data, analytics and insight (Toronto)

Jul 15

Week 8 – Data Science Bootcamp – A summer of data, analytics and insight (Toronto)

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Data Science Bootcamp

Ryerson University in partnership with BDU is proud to offer this FREE bootcamp in Toronto starting this May 20th, 2016. The Data Science Boot Camp provides hands-on training in skills necessary to be proficient in a data-centric world. Upon successful completion of the bootcamp requirements you will receive an IBM Data Science Foundations Verified badge.


  • Dates:  Friday afternoons (2pm - 5pm) starting on Friday May 20, 2016 for 10 weeks
  • Venue: Ryerson University (55 Dundas Street West, 9th floor, Room 3-109)
  • Cost:     FREE
  • Instructor: Dr. Murtaza Haider, author of "Getting Started with Data Science"
  • Prerequisites: Curiosity, high-school math, prescribed textbook, and a laptop

Bootcamp topics

Week 1 - Taking the first step

A first lesson with a detailed hands-on example of analytics to understand what you will be able to accomplish by the end of the boot camp

Week 2 - Data: It’s shapes, sizes, and formats

Week 3 - Regression: The tool that fixes everything, or almost everything.

Applied analytics with teaching evaluations. Do good looking instructors get higher teaching evaluations?

Week 4 - Correlations, causations, and manufactured facts

Week 5 - Aerobics with data: Taming your data to meet your needs.

Week 6 - Time is money: Analytics with time series data.

Week 7 - Case study 1: Do women who lack health insurance from their spouse’s employer more likely to work full-time?

Week 8 - Case Study 2: Do higher taxes result in lower cigarette sales? Did Land Transfer Tax impact housing sales in Toronto?

Week 9 - Case Study 3: To smoke or not to smoke, that is the question.

Week 10 - Case study 4: Is space the new frontier? Map it to know it.

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