Frequently Asked Questions

Are all courses in Big Data University free?

With the exception of two courses in Spanish, all courses within Big Data University are free.


Why do some courses require an enrollment key to access them?

Courses that require an enrollment key are in beta, which means they are not ready for the general public to take them. A selected number of individuals are provided with the course enrollment key so they review the course and provide feedback. After the course is reviewed, if it passes our quality standards we make it available to everyone.


I signed up for Big Data University, but I have not received my confirmation email. What should I do?

Check your junk/spam folder first. If it’s there, ensure you mark it as “not spam” so you can get emails from us in the future. After you access the email, click on the link it provides to confirm your registration with us. If you do not receive any email at all, please send us a note to admin@bigdatauniversity.com, and we will manually confirm your account for you.


I tried to log on using my Big Data University account (not Google/Facebook/Yahoo), however, I don’t remember my password. When I click to reset my password, it says I cannot.

This means the very first time you accessed Big Data University, you probably did it using the Google/Facebook/Yahoo buttons. Therefore, you must use the same button to log on. Big Data University cannot reset your password, since this password is the one you use in your Google/Facebook/Yahoo account.


I tried to log on with my Gmail/Yahoo/Facebook account, but I’m taken to the profile page and it says the email already exists

This means you have probably signed up before with us, so you have an account with Big Data University that uses the same email you use for your accounts in Gmail/Yahoo/Facebook. Instead of clicking on any of those buttons, log on to Big Data University using the bottom left section of this panel: https://bigdatauniversity.com/courses/auth/openid/login.php

If you don’t remember your username or password, click on the appropriate link in that section of the panel to retrieve them. If all of this fails, please send us a note to admin@bigdatauniversity.com, and we will help you!


Which browsers and versions does Big Data University support?

Since Big Data University runs Moodle 2.02 course management system, the browsers we support are the same as for this version of Moodle, that is, any standards-supporting browser from the past few years, for example:

We most often develop and test using Chrome and Firefox, and we have tested with IE7 and IE8.